Early this summer, right after school let out, I got an idea in my head. Anyone who knows me will tell you that once I get something in my head, it’s pretty hard to convince me otherwise. I have embarked on an epic quest. This quest is to obtain and then read the entire Baby-sitter’s club series in one summer. By my estimation thanks to a list on Scholastic’s website as well as Wikipedia and some other sources, that’s about 234 books. I know I can read them, even if it means reading 3-5 books a day. It’s finding them that I’m having trouble with.
I started in my local library. I’ve gotten about 30 books from there so far, but they didn’t have much.

The pitiful library collection… and domo-chicken!

I have a WONDERFUL friend, Shandus, who let me borrow over a hundred of her books that she had saved since her childhood.

Shandus’s AMAZING collection of books (She also has an almost complete Sweet Valley High collection. OMG!)

As of now, I’m about 44 books shy of the 234 I need to complete the series. Not bad, right? I didn’t think so either. So, I’ve been searching Amazon, eBay, all the usual haunts for old, hard-to-find books. It looks like they’re going to cost about 4 dollars a piece to buy. That’s 176 dollars, and that’s a low estimate. As a senior in college with lots of student loans and a relatively low paying job, I can’t really afford to shell out 176 dollars on paperbacks. And that’s where this blog comes in. Besides writing about my experience, I wanted a way to try to find the other 44 books I’m missing. I can post a list and if you have one of the books I need, I’d love to borrow it! Or, if you’d like to make a donation, that’s an option as well. Any books I get that I actually buy, I intend to donate to my local library-after I read them of course! If I were to receive funding beyond what I need to purchase these books, I would also donate that to my local library-under the stipulation that they use it to buy more juvenile and young adult fiction.

My super scientific method of keeping up with what I have and what I don’t have! 🙂

This might seem like a silly goal, (my father certainly thinks so) but it’s one I’m very set on accomplishing.

If you can, please donate! (Any amount helps!)

Later on today, I intend to post a list of what I’m missing as well as some notes on the first leg of my journey. Thanks for reading!