Ok, so I promised a post detailing why I was doing this. I’ll sum it up with a discussion I had with my friend, Shandus, who loaned me so many of the books I currently have. She told me, “I learned everything I know about diabetes from reading these books.” That, along with another statement she made perfectly describes up my choice to do this. She said, “I used to pray every night that God would give me all the Babysitter’s Club books and that I’d want to read them forever – because I realized how terrible it would be to have them all and not want to read them.” I used to lose myself in these books, my nose buried in them during family gatherings and free time at school. I lost myself in lots of books but few had the impact of this series. Ann M. Martin taught so many girls (&boys, I assume) so many life lessons. We learned diversity and discrimination from Jessi. We learned that diseases such as diabetes are scary, but manageable even for teens. We learned about death and divorce and remarriage and first loves and break-ups. The Baby-sitter’s Club is one of the first examples of really strong women that I remember from my childhood.

I had so many fond memories of the series and of reading the books in a manic, addictive manner in elementary and middle school. I never read them all. I never even close to owned them all. (Though I did own a RIDICULOUS amount of the Baby-sitter’s Little Sister books.) I decided this summer to re-live the fond memories in a big way. And I like I said before, when I set my mind to doing something, I do it full force.

The math I’ve done says I need to be reading 3 books a day. I’m a little behind right now because I’m starting a new job, but I’m going to make this happen!

(As a note, at this point in the journey I am getting a little tired of the repetitive nature of the first two chapters of each book. When I was younger I used to skip chapter two of all of Ann M. Martin’s books to get past the stuff I already knew about all the characters. :))

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