My mom is in the hospital and I’ve got a lot going on mentally and emotionally. I got quite a few books read this weekend, but I’m still way behind where I should be. I’m hoping to change that soon if things settle down. I can’t wait to be done with the library books so I can start reading them in order. There’s a lot of story I’ve missed. Speaking of libraries, I went to the Henry County library today and paid 2 dollars for a new card. They didn’t have a SINGLE book I didn’t already have. I was pretty disappointed. They did have a great collection of SVH though. 🙂

Has anyone seen the cover of Graduation Day? It’s the last BSC novel Ann wrote. The girls on the cover are the same as the girls used on the covers of all the other friends forever books… except Claudia. For some reason, rather than being the Asian American girl from the rest of the books, she’s Latina. I’m pretty confused by this…

Graduation Day has some cool stats in the back about how many pages there are in the series and how if you read a page a minute it would take you 21 days to read them all if you didn’t stop the whole time. I read more than a page a minute but I also stop considerably often. I should read more.