I checked my mail last night to find a letter from Ann M. Martin! A lot of it was stock letter, but she did include some personal stuff which I was really pleased with.

June 26, 2009

Dear Emily,

Hello! Thank you so much for your letter. Hearing from readers who are now adults but who enjoyed my books when they were growing up is an experience I find both humbling and lovely. And I love the project you’ve assigned yourself for this summer! I hope you manage to find all the books. Recently, my aunt was looking for copies of #1 and #2, and to my surprise (and chagrin) I was unable to locate them for her – as was my own EDITOR. They are scarce. But I’m sure they exist.

(This is where the form letter starts and goes on for two pages with details about Ann’s life, her writing career, where she finds inspiration, etc.)

Emily, thank you again so much for writing. Good luck with graduate school, with social work, and with your own writing career!

All the Best,

Ann Martin

This just made my day!