Oh, I guess it’s been a minute. Sorry about that, you guys.

I’m getting married, I don’t think I’ve mentioned that here… and that kind of took over my summer for a few weeks. But, now that I’ve got the venue and got the dress and got the attendants, I’m settling down. The BSC Summer Adventure is back on. For awhile I wasn’t reading at all, but now I’m average 2-3 books a day again. I may not finish by August 29th as was my goal, but I’m going to finish. No matter how long it takes.

With the stress of wedding planning and the strees of working at a job that makes me miserable, BSC has once again become an escape for me. I’m tearing through them because I so badly want to think about that and not work. I know that’s a little sad. I have finished a whole column of my check list which is another milestone. I believe my total for books read is now 70. I did the trivia book the other day when I realized it only focused on the first 30 or so books and was able to get the majority of the answers right. (Sometimes I mix up peoples names and who did what… 70 books in 2 months, what can ya expect?!)

I like the reactions I get in the breakroom when people see me reading BSC. I like when they tell me about how when they were younger they read them all. It’s fairly amusing.

The funniest thing I’ve found so far in reading these is the time discrepency. Quincy, my fiance, wants me to write a whole non-fiction story about it but I’m not sure it’s THAT interesting. At any rate… the first nine books in the series focus on the girls’ 7th grade year. Yes, the whole year in 7 books. That’s reasonable though, I guess. JK Rowling goes through a year in ONE book. At any rate, the next 232 books (give or take the ones that are things like postcards and trivia books) are about their 8th grade year… (Mal and Jessi’s 6th grade year) During that 8th grade year the girls’ have SEVERAL summer vacations and both Dawn and Stacey move to their respective home states and back. Damn, years last a long time in this universe. I find it very humorous but I don’t let it get in the way of me enjoying the stories just as much.

Ashley – You asked awhile back about a certain mystery book and I didnt get around to answering you yet. I have only read one of the mysteries because it was a library book. Once I get into the mystery’s I’ll be able to tell you what book you’re thinking of. 🙂