I just finished my 85th BSC book. I’m quite far from my goal and quite close to my planned finish date (Aug 31, the first day of school.) So, for now, I’m extending it through the whole SEASON of summer and attempting to finish by the last day of summer, September 22nd. I’m not sure with school and everything else I’ll be able to finish by then, but we’ll cross that bridge closer to when we get to it. I bit off a lot more than I can chew with the goal of finishing them in a academic summer. Especially with the new job, the wedding planning, and the family issues I’ve had. But, I’m very pleased with how far I’ve gotten at this point and though I’m a little tired of reading BSC,  I have no intentions of giving up now. I’m too emotionally and financially invested in this!

I just got done reading Stacey’s Ex-Best Friend. I wanted to talk to her really badly about how little losing Laine would mean to her in a few years… she’d look back on their “huge” fight and laugh. I remember having fights with various best friends over the years. At the time, it feels like your heart is breaking. Even as recently as last year, at age 21, I experinced “losing a best friend.” It’s a kick in the gut when you grow apart, but I’ve learned that the ones that matter WILL stick around and that’s what matters. So, hang in there Stacey.