I’m proud of myself. I’m tearing through these books! I’m breaking up the monotony of the regular series with California Diaries. I didn’t expect to like them, but man, they’re like crack. I’m in LOVE with Sunny, Maggie, Amalia and Ducky. If I’m not careful I’ll read them all and be stuck with JUST regular series and mysteries…

Usually when I go on a trip – to my fiance’s hometown or mine – I take several books with the hopes of reading them all and never get around to it. Well, this weekend, I happened to finish every book I took with me. 6 books in two days. I was pleased with myself. It’s not that impressive for me to read them that quickly, they are easy reads and I’ve always been a fast reader, but I usually don’t barrel through them that fast. I also found another book at The Book Lady in Jackson, TN for my collection and my fiance is trading some stuff on Swaptree.com to get me a few more. I know that my initial finish date is just around the corner, but I’m excited to try to finish it by the official end of summer.

I’m currently reading Stacey’s Big Crush. I feel like all I ever write about is Stacey, but I think she speaks to me more than the other sitters. Claudia is not driven enough, Mary Anne is TOO sensitive, Jessi and Kristy are too athletic, Dawn is too much of  a health freak. I identify most with Stacey and Mallory, but Mal whines too much. Anyway, Stacey’s Big Crush… it makes me hurt for her. Its so embarassing to lay yourself out there for someone who sees you as a little sister. I’ve done that several times with friends who I thought would be more. Makes me blush just thinking about it!!

Love, peace, and baby-sitting!