The next portrait book I read was Kristy’s. I expected it to be quite as sad as Mary Anne’s but I was mistaken. And I don’t think she mentioned Bart once.

Here’s my thing with Kristy. I think she’s a closet case. I’m not saying ALL tomboy’s are lesbians. (Look at Abby. She plays soccer like a pro and I’m not at all inclined to think she’s swinging for the other team…) Nor am I saying there is anything WRONG with being a lesbian. I love homosexuality. But that’s another blog post entirely. What I am saying is that maybe Kristy wouldn’t have been such a raging bitch if she’d been out of the closet. If she’d been able to be her true self and not have to pretend with Bart, (who, by the way, was always called her “sort-of” boyfriend and who she went to dances with and talked shop about softball but nothing more… Ann was practically TELLING us Kristy was gay) she would have been much happier for it.

Kristy’s books get on my nerves. This one was no different. Her life is interesting, no doubt. She’s got a lot of drama for one character in the series, but OH MY GAH, she’s bossy and loud-mouth and just plain ignorant sometimes. Her character always puts her foot in her mouth and makes me want to facepalm on a regular basis. Seriously, Crass-ty. Did you SERIOUSLY just say that to one of your BEST FRIENDS?? We all have our off days, but you, Kristin Amanda Thomas, you were having an off SERIES. Also, stop relating things to sports. Urgh.

My predictions for Kristy’s future – She finally comes out of the closet to a few close friends around tenth or eleventh grade. She makes a pass at Claudia who freaks out and doesn’t talk to Kristy anymore, but spreads the story of the almost-hook up to the whole school who now calls Kristy awful names. Some girls on the softball team are excited by the news, but most refuse to share a room with her at away tournaments. Poor Kristy. In college she is free to come into her own and focuses a lot of her good ideas and loud-mouth bad attitude on getting involved in intermural sports and the Gay-Straight Alliance on campus. (She’s at college for a full ride softball scholarship, duh.) She meets a lovely girl and they fight for their right to adopt a gaggle of children together.

And that’s my take on Kristin Amanda Thomas, who’s books I muddle through.