I just got done reading The BSC Portrait Collection: Mary Anne’s Book. I figured this was as good an opportunity as any to blog about each girl as I read their portrait book…
Mary Anne, along with Kristy, is my least favorite member of the BSC. It seems silly as I probably have more in common with Mary Anne than any other member of the BSC. I am sensitive like her. I’ll be honest, I cried reading her portrait book. To be fair, I’m on my period, it’s been a trying day and her life is sad as hell. She generally gets on my nerves for the most part, though. She’s TOO sensitive. And, on top of that, she chooses odd times to stand up for herself or to stop being sensitive. Like, how can you go a whole year (Technically, if we are working with the time discrepancy Ann M Martin seems to have created, she was in 8th grade and with Logan for several years, 2-3 at the very least.) of dating a guy and acting one way and then suddenly decide he’s suffocating you. I understand falling out of love with someone. But, she still loved Logan, she just suddenly didn’t want him making plans. WTF, Mary Anne? You never had a problem with him making plans before. Dang, girl, make up ya mind!

By the way, when I say Love, I mean luv. You don’t LOVE someone in 8th grade, Mary Anne Spier. You just don’t. Even if you have dated them for the 2-3 years you’ve been in 8th grade.

Her portrait book was touching, though. I remember reading as a child and feeling really terrible that she didn’t have a mother. And she doesn’t try, to her merit, to rub that fact in people’s faces. I appreciate that about her. I know people who have lost parents and wear it like a badge to make people feel bad when the say the occasional “your mom” joke or to gain sympathy when they need attention. Mary Anne was never like that. She didn’t want to bring it up. This could have been due to the fact that she never had a mother, so she never understood the concept or what she was missing. Which brings me to what made me cry in her portrait book – The Mother’s Day tea. When she didn’t know who to invite so she invited her dad and Mimi. Omg, boo hoo city. Luckily I was in the bath so I just dunked my head under the water and no one had to know about my secret sob fest with a BSC BOOK. I mean, DANG, I’m 22 years old!

My predictions for Mary Anne’s future – Obviously she isn’t with Logan. They broke up in the Friends Forever series so I don’t even have to wonder about that one. I didn’t see it lasting anyway. The only reason she liked him was because he looked like Cam Geary and had a Kentucky accent. Shallow bitch. I think the older she gets, the more she’ll give into her anal-retentive nature. She’ll become a total OCD case. Not like my dad, more like Monk. She’ll organize her notes in school in ways that will make no one else want to hang out with her. She spent the first thirteen years of her life surrounded by people the opposite of her (Kristy with her loud mouth and Dawn with her drive and convictions; Mary Anne has neither of those qualities.) and eventually she probably gets tired of Kristy bossing her around and she starts spending most of her time with Tigger. Of course, Tigger will die eventually. Mary Anne might kill herself then.

And that’s my take on Mary Anne Spier, who surprisingly, didn’t have the neatest handwriting in the club.