Kristy thought that breaking up the BSC was a great idea… but it ended up being her worst idea ever! This is what I think about the BSC break-up: Ok, if I had been a little kid and thought it was going to last and not known there were 30 more books to go on top of the Cali diaries, I probably would have cried all the way through this book. But, I knew it couldn’t really end and they’d find a way not to let it end, so I wasn’t too worried, just interested to see how it would turn out. Without the BSC, parents have to call sitters individually. If I needed a sitter, the BSC member I would call first would be Mary Anne because even though she’s a sensitive twit, I think she’s the most responsible of the group. I’d be most likely to leave her with my children. Abby and Stacey have serious illnesses, Kristy is too sports minded, Claud would let them eat junk and Mal and Jessi are too young. Easy deduction. I’m going to be a very protective mommy. Kristy’s Worst Idea is the hundredth book in the Baby-Sitters Club series. Of the hundred BSC books, I have read this many: 99 (I’m working on Mary Anne and Camp BSC, but its in pdf form… yawn.) (And I want to read approximately 100 more!) My favorite BSC book (so far) is Oh My God. Are you seriously asking me this?? I don’t want to have to remember everything I’ve read… probably one of the Super Specials. Maybe BSC Remembers or Aloha, Baby-sitters. Don’t make me choose! because I’ve read like 125 books!

Quincy says he finds it funny that I’ve gotten so far into this series that I am often concerned about the girls as if they are real. He also wants me to do a whole series of essays on the lack of positive female influences in young adult fiction. (Hermione is smart, but desparate for friends/boys; Bella is controlled by and obsessed with Edward; basically the only strong females in YAF are lesbians… 😦 )