I finished reading an entire page of my list!



3 huge milestones all in a row. How exciting. I want to blog more, so soon I’m going to start doing some creative posting on each of the girls… I’ve grown to know them all so personally. Except for Abby. Haven’t really met her yet.


I’m proud of myself. I’m tearing through these books! I’m breaking up the monotony of the regular series with California Diaries. I didn’t expect to like them, but man, they’re like crack. I’m in LOVE with Sunny, Maggie, Amalia and Ducky. If I’m not careful I’ll read them all and be stuck with JUST regular series and mysteries…

Usually when I go on a trip – to my fiance’s hometown or mine – I take several books with the hopes of reading them all and never get around to it. Well, this weekend, I happened to finish every book I took with me. 6 books in two days. I was pleased with myself. It’s not that impressive for me to read them that quickly, they are easy reads and I’ve always been a fast reader, but I usually don’t barrel through them that fast. I also found another book at The Book Lady in Jackson, TN for my collection and my fiance is trading some stuff on Swaptree.com to get me a few more. I know that my initial finish date is just around the corner, but I’m excited to try to finish it by the official end of summer.

I’m currently reading Stacey’s Big Crush. I feel like all I ever write about is Stacey, but I think she speaks to me more than the other sitters. Claudia is not driven enough, Mary Anne is TOO sensitive, Jessi and Kristy are too athletic, Dawn is too much of  a health freak. I identify most with Stacey and Mallory, but Mal whines too much. Anyway, Stacey’s Big Crush… it makes me hurt for her. Its so embarassing to lay yourself out there for someone who sees you as a little sister. I’ve done that several times with friends who I thought would be more. Makes me blush just thinking about it!!

Love, peace, and baby-sitting!

I read my first California Diaries book yesterday. I enjoy them. They remind me very much of Degrassi. I wasn’t going  to purchase the rest (because I knew in advance they were almost all ghostwritten.) but I really want to read them so I’m going to find a way to get my hand on the rest of them.

I’m kind of on a roll reading right now,  so I’m going to get back to that!!! 🙂

Laura Mac linked me to a hilariously wonderful website called What Claudia Wore. I’ve been reading it for the past hour… she keeps mentioning ghostwriters. I knew the Cali Diaries were ghostwritten, but why does this Kim character act as if they were ALL ghostwritten!?

So I googled it. Turns out that every book that has an acknowledgment at the beginning about “The author would like to thank _______ for their help in the preparation of this manuscript” (Which is almost EVERY BOOK) was actually written by ________.

Ass. I am so disappointed right now.

I just finished my 85th BSC book. I’m quite far from my goal and quite close to my planned finish date (Aug 31, the first day of school.) So, for now, I’m extending it through the whole SEASON of summer and attempting to finish by the last day of summer, September 22nd. I’m not sure with school and everything else I’ll be able to finish by then, but we’ll cross that bridge closer to when we get to it. I bit off a lot more than I can chew with the goal of finishing them in a academic summer. Especially with the new job, the wedding planning, and the family issues I’ve had. But, I’m very pleased with how far I’ve gotten at this point and though I’m a little tired of reading BSC,  I have no intentions of giving up now. I’m too emotionally and financially invested in this!

I just got done reading Stacey’s Ex-Best Friend. I wanted to talk to her really badly about how little losing Laine would mean to her in a few years… she’d look back on their “huge” fight and laugh. I remember having fights with various best friends over the years. At the time, it feels like your heart is breaking. Even as recently as last year, at age 21, I experinced “losing a best friend.” It’s a kick in the gut when you grow apart, but I’ve learned that the ones that matter WILL stick around and that’s what matters. So, hang in there Stacey.

Oh, I guess it’s been a minute. Sorry about that, you guys.

I’m getting married, I don’t think I’ve mentioned that here… and that kind of took over my summer for a few weeks. But, now that I’ve got the venue and got the dress and got the attendants, I’m settling down. The BSC Summer Adventure is back on. For awhile I wasn’t reading at all, but now I’m average 2-3 books a day again. I may not finish by August 29th as was my goal, but I’m going to finish. No matter how long it takes.

With the stress of wedding planning and the strees of working at a job that makes me miserable, BSC has once again become an escape for me. I’m tearing through them because I so badly want to think about that and not work. I know that’s a little sad. I have finished a whole column of my check list which is another milestone. I believe my total for books read is now 70. I did the trivia book the other day when I realized it only focused on the first 30 or so books and was able to get the majority of the answers right. (Sometimes I mix up peoples names and who did what… 70 books in 2 months, what can ya expect?!)

I like the reactions I get in the breakroom when people see me reading BSC. I like when they tell me about how when they were younger they read them all. It’s fairly amusing.

The funniest thing I’ve found so far in reading these is the time discrepency. Quincy, my fiance, wants me to write a whole non-fiction story about it but I’m not sure it’s THAT interesting. At any rate… the first nine books in the series focus on the girls’ 7th grade year. Yes, the whole year in 7 books. That’s reasonable though, I guess. JK Rowling goes through a year in ONE book. At any rate, the next 232 books (give or take the ones that are things like postcards and trivia books) are about their 8th grade year… (Mal and Jessi’s 6th grade year) During that 8th grade year the girls’ have SEVERAL summer vacations and both Dawn and Stacey move to their respective home states and back. Damn, years last a long time in this universe. I find it very humorous but I don’t let it get in the way of me enjoying the stories just as much.

Ashley – You asked awhile back about a certain mystery book and I didnt get around to answering you yet. I have only read one of the mysteries because it was a library book. Once I get into the mystery’s I’ll be able to tell you what book you’re thinking of. 🙂

I checked my mail last night to find a letter from Ann M. Martin! A lot of it was stock letter, but she did include some personal stuff which I was really pleased with.

June 26, 2009

Dear Emily,

Hello! Thank you so much for your letter. Hearing from readers who are now adults but who enjoyed my books when they were growing up is an experience I find both humbling and lovely. And I love the project you’ve assigned yourself for this summer! I hope you manage to find all the books. Recently, my aunt was looking for copies of #1 and #2, and to my surprise (and chagrin) I was unable to locate them for her – as was my own EDITOR. They are scarce. But I’m sure they exist.

(This is where the form letter starts and goes on for two pages with details about Ann’s life, her writing career, where she finds inspiration, etc.)

Emily, thank you again so much for writing. Good luck with graduate school, with social work, and with your own writing career!

All the Best,

Ann Martin

This just made my day!

I’m on my last library book so its time for me to start reading the ones I’ve bought/the ones Shandus let me borrow. I’m not very into the mysteries. I need to get over that since there are SO MANY OF THEM, but I’m just not enjoying the one I’m reading now. (It’s Stacey and the Mystery Money, the only one I could find at the library.) Maybe it’s because I know the answer to the mystery already because I’ve read Kristy and the Kidnapper (Friends Forever series) and she goes into details about Terry Hoyt there. At any rate…
I’m over fifty books into this reading thing. I should be reading faster, but I’m still pleased with myself. I hope I can complete my goal by Aug 29th.

I am only 19 books away from having access to all of them. Pretty exciting. I found several more on eBay/Amazon and two at Goodwill in Jackson. I can find ALL of them ON eBay/Amazon, it’s just a matter of not wanting to pay ridiculous shipping prices. I read a lot this weekend, so I’m still trucking along towards my goal. It’s Monday, and the beginning of what could prove to be the hardest two weeks of my summer, but I’m going to see if I can use BSC to distract myself from all that’s going on. Wish me luck and as always, check and see if you have any of the 19 I have left!

Today I experienced my first problem with mixing up plots.

I figured it would have happened sooner.

I was halfway through Dawn and the Older Boy when I said to myself, “Wait… I thought the kids put on a play with Chewy in Jessi Ramsey, Pet Sitter.” Both books had dogs in them, so… Anyway.

I’m trucking on.